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FlavorArmor Encapsulated Flavors

Prinova Flavors is proud to introduce FlavorArmor, a new line of encapsulated flavors. FlavorArmor is developed by encapsulating liquid and solid flavoring materials to maximize flavor intensity and shelf-life. Please contact your Prinova sales representative to request samples, pricing and a complete list of available FlavorArmor encapsulated flavors. Standard sample size is 2 ounces.

Prinova's FlavorArmor line can be used in a variety of applications such as: powdered beverages, teas, noodle seasonings, dry mix applications, powdered soups/sauces/stock cubes, cereal bars, chewing gum, compressed tablets and hard candies.

BenefitsEncapsulated Flavors
  • Authentic, fresh flavor profile
  • Clean label - no preservatives or emulsifiers
  • Highly cost effective
  • Low dusting, free-flowing
  • Cuts clear in solution
  • Encapsulation system protects flavors from oxidation
  • Low surface oil reduces the contamination risk during processing
  • Extended shelf-life (up to 42 months)
  • Unique particle size to minimize stratification

Below are our popular FlavorArmor encapsulated flavors. Many additional flavors are available upon request. 

Flavor Product Number Typical Usage Descriptors
Grape, N&A 683E01 0.025-0.10% Candy-like, tart (Kool-Aid™ type)
Lemon, Natural 631E01 0.025-0.10% Juicy, sweet, tart, candy
Lime, Natural 632E01 0.025-0.10% Juicy, pulpy, zesty
Mango, N&A 653E01 0.025-0.10% Citric, orange notes, mango, woody
Orange, Natural 633E01 0.025-0.10% Tart, bitter, rindy, peely, juicy
Passion Fruit, N&A 653E01 0.025-0.10% Passion fruit, mango, tart, juicy
Peppermint, Natural 692E01 0.025-0.10% Peppermint, cooling, woody, pine-like
Raspberry, Natural 613E01 0.025-0.10% Juicy, seedy, tart, sweet, strong
Strawberry, Natural 611E01 0.025-0.10% Green, jammy, cooked, floral, fruity
Strawberry Fruit, Natural 611E02 0.025-0.10% Green, jammy, cooked, berry
Sweet Orange, N&A 633E02 0.025-0.10% Oily, woody, rindy

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